Friday, July 29, 2016

Coming Soon - Fast & Hard - Quick Dry Glossy Top Coat

Coming to the shop August 5th, Vibrant Vinyls brings you, Fast & Hard, a brand new quick dry glossy top coat. I am so in love with this stuff and the name cracks me right up. Pair it with the Strip Me Softly acetone additive for a real giggle fest!
Fast & Hard:
*Can be used over wet polish.
*Applied over wet polish, it is dry to the touch in under 3 minutes.
*Super glossy shine that lasts up to 2 weeks.
*Dries rock hard in 15 minutes providing the perfect base for vinyls, stamping, or other nail art.
*Doesn't 'drag' or 'smear' colors so it can be used over art.
*No shrinkage.
*Doesn't dull holo's.
*Flat, semi-wide brush picks up the perfect amount and glides across the nail smoothly providing quick, even coverage.
*Also prevents yellowing, fading, & chipping of polish.
It will be available in .5 oz bottles for just $5.99 and I have 2 oz. refill bottles on the way that may or may not be here by the release.

The flat, semi-wide brush picks up the perfect amount of top coat and glides across the nail smoothly providing quick, even, smooth coverage.
 Above: One coat of Fast & Hard over stamping. Perfect glossy shine that lasts for weeks!
Above: My 5th day wearing this polish topped with Fast & Hard. Very minimal tip wear and still just as shiny as the day I put it on. I do have an acrylic overlay so polish does last a little longer on me than natural nails but I usually have a lot more tip wear by day 5. I'm continually impressed by this top coat and am so excited for you guys to try it out!

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of all the new stuff coming to August 5th!

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