Monday, July 18, 2016

Unicorn Farts & Quick Dry Top Coat

 Look out, the Vibrant Vinyls unicorn has a case of rainbow gas! As you might expect, it smells magical and yummy! Think sugary sweet cupcakes swirled with warm vanilla, strawberry, and cotton candy - topped with a pink sugar frosting and rainbow sprinkles.
 This can be added to the Cuticle Oil or Cuticle Remover and is available now on
 I have some exciting news! I didn't want to say anything too soon in case I couldn't find a good one but I have been testing out a bunch of different quick dry top coats over the past few weeks and I am happy to say, I have found one I absolutely love. And I think you guys will too!
Let me start by saying, I was super picky in all of my testing. My own personal top 2 top coats (before this one) were Seche Vite & HK Girl so when testing out prototypes, I used those as my main comparisons. I can honestly say, I didn't think I was going to find anything that would be better than those so I was over the moon when this one passed all my tests and came out better than both the others. I packed my Seche & HK Girl away in a drawer and will be using only this from now on. It's that good!

So here's the breakdown...
*Can be used over wet polish.
*Applied over wet polish, it is dry to the touch in under 3 minutes.
*Super glossy shine that lasts up to 2 weeks.
*Dries rock hard in 15 minutes providing the perfect base for vinyls, stamping, or other nail art.
*Doesn't 'drag' or 'smear' colors so it can be used over art.
*No shrinkage.
*Flat, semi-wide brush picks up the perfect amount and glides across the nail smoothly providing quick, even coverage.
*Also prevents yellowing, fading, & chipping of polish.

My last test today was using it over stamping. I've had issues with previous top coats 'dragging' my stamping before which pretty much ruins it so I was nervous but again, to my surprise and delight, it worked flawlessly. No smears or drags!

I went ahead and ordered supplies so if all goes as planned, I should have this on the shop within a couple of weeks!

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